01.11.2011 17:06

PASCA team participates at SLAS conference and exhibition

Category: General
The new SCM prototype instruments will be presented to the public for the first time at the SLAS conference and exhibition


The SLAS conference and exhibition is one of the world's leading events for laboratory science, technology and automation taking place in San Diego between 6.02. and 8.02.2012. The PASCA team has reserved booth # 446 - 448 at the SLAS exhibition to present the SCM prototype instrument to the public for the first time. All interested parties are welcome to see the system in operation and to discuss specifications and applications with the PASCA experts at the SLAS. The presentation of the prototype instruments will be accompanied by a talk given at the SLAS conference entitled "A Flexible New Device and Method to Prepare Cells for Single Cell Analysis". In the talk the working principle and latest results obtained with the SCM prototype instruments will be presented. The PASCA team is proud to take note that the presenter Andre Gross has received a student travel award for this contribution to the conference.