06.12.2012 16:59

PASCA research results to be presented at United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology’s 102nd Annual Meeting, March 2-8, 2013 in Baltimore, MD

Category: General
It is a great honour for the PASCA team that the paper entitled "SINGLE CELL MANIPULATION TECHNOLOGY – TOWARDS “INK – JET” PRINTING OF CANCER ARRAYS" has been selected for a platform presentation at the USCAP meeting in March 2013.

The paper will be reporting about applications currently undergoing analysis on SCM technology including - but are not exclusive to – cervical cytopathology, anaplastic thyroid carcinoma and cancer stem cell stem sorting based on differentiation status. In cervical cytopathology applications, single HeLa cells have been printed and successfully cultured in 96 well plates. Separation of HPV negative and HPV positive cervical cells from mixed populations with subsequent printing of the isolated cells into ordered arrays is ongoing, with a view to progressing to printing arrays of clinical cytology samples onto microscopy slides. Single WT thyrocytes and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines have been successfully printed and cultured in 96 well plates. Separations of WT thyrocytes and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells have been performed from mixed populations on the SCM based on size properties and a 100% cell selection success rate has been confirmed with fluorescence on confocal microscopy.